Best Video Game Stories Of The Decade

Michael mando's performance gave rise to one of gaming's most iconic villains of all time. League of legends transformed the video game industry over the last decade.

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The best video game stories of 2020.

Best video game stories of the decade. Breath of the wild proved that nintendo still had it, and it remains one of the best games they've ever made. Gone home is a small, simple, lovely thing. Joel and ellie's adventure was one of the most exciting and emotional stories in video game history, and showed that games could rival cinema in regards to storytelling.

From branching paths, to cinematic experiences, to avant garde storytelling techniques that only work in the context of a video game, there are many ways to make a video game story truly great. The 15 best video games characters of 2020. The best pokémon of the decade.

20 best video game storylines of the decade (so far) stories so good they could have won an oscar. Here's our pick of the very best examples of the. These are 10 best indie games of the decade over the past 10 years indie developers have delivered some absolutely incredible video game titles.

When it comes to video games, the age old debate of whether gameplay or story is king has only. Its gritty and heartbreaking story has been capturing players ever since its 2013 release and caused. He’s worth the price of admission alone.

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By julia lee and petrana radulovic. The third installment of the popular game and book (and now netflix) series, the witcher 3: Only games released for either xbox one or ps4, not including rereleases or.

However, two games alone couldn't make 2013 the best year of the last decade. Clementine and lee are two of the decade’s most memorable video game characters. It's a game about a house.

10 best video game storylines of the decade (so far) watch later. The following is a list of the best video games made in the past seven years. Let’s take a look at the ten best games of the decade, according to metacritic.

From his first couple of monologues, it is apparent that he simply isn't just another video game thug. Starcraft ii is one of the best games of the decade, and it remains popular today, at a time when rts games are out of fashion. Silent hill 2 's story tackled taboo subjects like domestic abuse and incest, setting the bar for horror games to come by scaring the player not with hallways full of dessicated monsters but with.

Wild hunt is one of the best and most iconic medieval fantasy rpgs to have come out in the last decade. It explicitly embraces the bizarre, juvenile and often incomprehensible logic of the medium, and revels in it. Trevor is one of the best video game characters ever, period.

But it's also a balance that yakuza has honed and refined for the last decade. Saints row iv is incredibly aware that it is a video game, capital v, capital g;

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