Best Lume Scent For Feet

Just ordered the sampler set, it should be here today and i’ll report back! For odors in the private parts region, the wipes make a lot of sense.

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This is definitely a concern when you’re getting intimate with your husband or wife.

Best lume scent for feet. One of my favorite schmidt’s scents is the lime bergamot. With lume, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of reapplying deodorant throughout the day. In fact, i dislike it.

At least it smells wonderful in the tube, but when it combines with my body chemistry it smells like ammonia! That being said, i feel there’s something else you should know. Lume’s antiperspirants come in lotions, solid sticks, and soaps, and bundles or subscription options are available.

Then slowly i started to become attracted to the smell more. My honest lume deodorant review for better intimacy. I've been saving them so i could do a.

I had the jasmine rose scent. No essential oils or masking scents for those who like to smell like nothing at all. It comes in ten different scents so that the user can choose according to their preference.

Most people like the deodorant sticks best, but it depends on where your problem area is. Lume deodorant has two new tropical scents for the summer! Lume isn’t just for underarms!

It’s for pits, butts, junk, feet, and everywhere else you need it. The brand now makes foaming hand washes in some of its top scents, too. It started with just being attracted to the faint smell of feet, particularly the soles, but then my craving for a stronger scent grew stronger.

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So strong that you can often smell yourself when you’re naked. Native deodorant natural deodorant for women; Lume’s unscented products do not contain any essential oils or added fragrance.

I was given a stick of lume by a friend who had ordered it to try herself and liked it. Lume has 3 new scents that we were curious to try out. It’s different in comparison to the solid deodorant sticks you’re probably used to.

Watch us do the smell test to see which one we like most. Can you use lume deodorant on private parts? What does lume deodorant smell like?

I've used it approximately 60x, pea sized amount per pit and i still have some left. I purchased the 3oz lume unscented deodorant in the tube for $19usd. Not only do i have bad experiences with scents not mixing well with my sweat, but i wanted the freedom to still layer with my perfumes and scented lotions with no fear of a bad blend.

The best thing about this lume deodorant amazon is that it can prevent doors and sweat for 72 hours. While it's still not my favorite scent, i like it much better than lavender sage. Safe for any external use on pits, private parts and feet;

Body odor that comes from your genitals or butt can be very strong sometimes. Lavender & vanilla and melon & cucumber are some popular options. Lume natural best lume scent;

Since having my last child i’ve struggled with bigger hormone spikes which have been causing crazy bo for me. Initially i was really impressed. Lume natural deodorant has 3 new scents.

I do not make any money or get any promotional kickbacks from lumē for my review. Now i use juniper berry. Their products specifically target sweating in the underarms and private parts — though can be used anywhere — and come in a range of pleasant scents.

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In the past i've used schmidt's original and sensitive, native, and an independent etsy brand. I have been using lume for 5 months and have just stopped using it. *lavender sage is scented with only pure essential oils, while their other scents also contain naturally derived, skin safe botanicals.

Lume may be the best option for people with sensitive skin and allergies. There are also products that lack any scents and some designed for use on your feet. I am reviewing this product only as a consumer/customer.

For example, if you have issues with foot odor, the tube is really convenient to just squeeze some into your hands and then massage into your feet. So i feel your pain!lume is, by far, the best natural deodorant i’ve found but there are definitely still days where it lacks the oomph i need to cut through those awful hormone sweats. Having used all the scents, i’d recommend the lavender & rose scent for a start.

Does lume smell go away? I'm curious because at one point in my life i didn't pay attention to the smell of women's feet much. I liked the scent, and the deodorant seemed to work as advertised, keeping me odor free all day.

It really does depend on your body chemistry! Coconut crush and clean tangerine. So far, it is the longest span a deodorant can go without losing fragrance.

I cannot lie, the lavender sage scent is 100% not my favorite. This particular vanilla has been bought 50,000+ times on amazon, and has extremely positive reviews. That’s amazing for a natural deodorant!

Lume told us that their scents are gender neutral, however we found one that is definitely more feminine and one that’s definitely more masculine. Whatever challenges you face in your career, relationships, or personal life, lume gives you one less thing to worry about. You can use lume anywhere on your body you have odor but wish you didn’t.

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Using lume has been an ongoing trial for me. It's a mandelic acid based product.

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