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Please read the rules before posting. Jon benjamin) and linda (john roberts) and their children tina (), gene (eugene mirman) and louise (kristen schaal), who run a hamburger restaurant.the show's premise originated with loren bouchard,.

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Watch bob's burgers anytime on hulu or foxnow.

Best bob's burgers episodes reddit. Jon benjamin, dan mintz, eugene mirman, larry murphy. Bob's burgers is an american animated television sitcom that premiered on the fox network on january 9, 2011. Bob's burgers is a 20th television production.

Bob's burgers is a 20th television. The episode where louise runs away to aunt gayle's house cause she doesn't want to go to the dentist. 264k members in the bobsburgers community.

Carpe museum, the belcher's rob a train, and spaghetti western and meatballs. Watch bob's burgers anytime on hulu or foxnow. It centers on the belchers, a family consisting of parents bob (h.

Top 30 episodes of bob's burgers (ranked) hi there everybody, long time bb's lurker here. The best part is the climax, where bob uses his cut hand to beat mr. I was just trying to think of what my favorite episodes of the show were the other day and ended up doing a top 30 list of my favorites.

Directed by don mackinnon, bernard derriman. Tina is wracked with guilt when bob forces her to lie about an accident that occurred when he let her drive his car, but a shady insurance adjuster sees through their ploy and blackmails bob into committing more insurance fraud. The one where bob volunteers at the field trip to the museum.

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My ranking of bob's burgers seasons, from best to worst: They serve horse don’t they (s7 ep 4) sleeping with the frenemy (s8 ep 11) sea me now (s7 ep 2) a river runs through bob (s4 ep1) dawn of the peck (s5 ep 4) Fischoeder in a final game of rock, paper, scissors for 10 grand.

Top 5 fav bobs burgers episodes (in no particular order) in celebration of the premiere of s11 of bobs burgers i thought i would ask everyone their top 5 fav bobs burgers episodes! Bob is in a best burger competition, but is at risk of losing when an important part of the burger is nowhere to be found. 5 1 3 7 2 4 6 8 i think most other people will probably put season 1, 3, or 4 as the.

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